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New open source iOS search project SearchTouch

I just released the first version of SearchTouch, hosted on Github at https://github.com/spoogle/SearchTouch. This is a search engine written in Objective C which compiles and runs on Mac OS X or iOS. It is designed to allow searches to be efficiently carried out on a device.

The code builds an index for a document set consisting of an inverted index for each word in a document set. The index can be stored on the device, and can be efficiently searched to produce a ranked list of every document which contains all of any given set of search terms.

There is a strict separation between the search and indexing code, and the data structures used to store indexes. This separation is mainly achieved by defining the Index class as a class cluster, although a prototcol is also used.

The main storage backend uses Core Data. There is a second back end which is purely in memory using CFTrees.