Mozy woes

I would like to have a disaster backup, so that if the whole house burns down, and all the computers are burnt to cinders, I still have my photos, my music collection, my PhD dissertation and years of email.

A week ago I decided to try Mozy. The price was sweet, and the service backs up your files over the network to the Mozy servers in Utah (at least, that is where their offices are).

Problem number 1: I have 350 Gb of files I want to backup and the maximum I can squeeze through my DSL’s limited upstream connection is 2Gb/day. That’s 170 days – half a year – just to do the initial backup, during which time my internet connection is very slow. Ah, those memories of my first modem, a 300 baud dial-up. BAD MEMORIES.

Problem number 2: Mozy has a configuration utility you use to tell it which files to back up, but whenever I try to change that configuration, the utility crashes, complaining about a corrupted configuration database.

Problem number 3: I started my Mac this morning with the external hard drive turned off. Mozy backup started in the background, couldn’t fine the 250 Gb or so of files I had asked it to back up from that drive, and so concluded I had deleted them, and deleted them all from the backup on its servers. A week of uploading wasted.

I have emailed Mozy’s tech support. No reply yet. I am thinking I need to change tack and ask someone a few hundred miles away to look after a hard drive with a complete backup of my system on it.

3 thoughts on “Mozy woes”

  1. Without meaning to be rude, it isn’t Mozy’s fault you have a slow internet connection and a large amount of data you want to squeeze down it.

    On the other hand, you get what you pay for. You selected one of the cheapest services on the market and are unhappy with the service. You can’t expect business level support / response times etc within the Mozy pricing. Mozy also limit upload bandwidth for the low end cheap solution, so even if you had more bandwidth available it would probably still suck.

    So I guess the question is, what do you really want from your backup service, and then go find the right solution, rather than picking the low price point and then complaining about the compromises you get with that low pricing.

    As you can see as a consumer the Mozy service isn’t working out for you, yet EMC are trying to push this to businesses which is a joke. It isn’t ready for that yet.

  2. Good points. The reasons this is not working are not all Mozy’s fault: a large part of it is due to the network slowness, which is not their problem. There is no excuse for poor commercial software, however.

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